Website issues

Recently I didn’t update this website. The admin interface crashed and I just got blank pages with no error info…
So I couldn’t update here anymore.

I fixed it by reinstalled wordpress.
I’m happy I managed to rescue my theme and contents and all…

So since last update a lot has happened:
-Chapter 23 is finished
-Chapter 24 is at a scenaristic tie, I’m working on the story…that takes time.
-I’ve added a new video on youtube
-I’ve discovered and made super nice brushes for krita. The smudge brush engine allows you to get mind blowing result. The problem is performance. But then I ended up reactivating instant preview. First encounter with instant preview was not pleasant at all because at the time I was only working with line art. Seeing my strokes and hatches move a bit while drawing was drawing was out of question. But now as a painter I enjoy it a lot.

I’ll post a bit more about all that. Got to run now

WASTE chapter 21 done ! Chapter 11 released, chapter 12 early

Chapter 21 was finished on Saturday morning. This means I did 18 pages in 5 days. More details below the pic

Needless to say my private life is dying (as I draw all this on my personal time).
Once I master this production pipeline, I hope I can have longer nights, work out again at least, then maybe even have a social activity !

I got those scott robertson books near my bed, hardly red 10 pages in a few month. I definitely want to dig in when I can. I wonder when though…

Also in chapter 21 I did something new. Since I was fast enough, I decided to keep aside one page I had a real good feeling with.

1-I wanted to bring it to an illustration level of detail and see where I’m at now. It’s like measuring your FTP (Funtional Threshold Power, cyclists will know what I mean).
2-And even not for measuring my progress, I wanted to attack the topic of detailing and doing illustration again, now that I have been focusing so much on drawing fast…
3-Also a this allows me to feed my patrons with extras. This is for all patrons, the only pledge I made is the 1$ and I’ve not charged anybody yet. So basically for now you can be my patron for free. This will keep at least until I reach 100 patrons.
4-Wanted to remove some dust from my youtube channel, see if I can bring readers to follow me there also…

Chapter 9 released, Youtube update, Patreon update

Hey guys,
Chapter 9 begun releasing on the net, so chapter 10 goes early access on patreon.
I’m releasing it one page a day on webtoon and facebook, but you can already read it all in one go here.
For the youtube update. I timelapsed chapter 18 page 1 painting process.
wait ??? Chapter 18 ?!!
Well yeah as you saw in previous updates, I decided to stop publishing until webtoon catches up, but I went into painting frenzy so I’m way ahead of chapter 9 as I’m publishing it now.

I hope you enjoy the video, it’s always a lot of extra effort to get (even such a simple timelapse) it done.

About the patreon update, I was not happy with the rewards, I decided to simplify it until I get something better. So until then there is only the 1$ reward !
If you want to support me, please check it out there:

Chapter 18, Done !

Yahoo !
So in this chapter I tried to focus on widening the field of view and always putting a bit of background or at least a bit of mood in every panel.
It’s not the first time I decide to do so, but sometimes you forget your resolutions !
Also tried another approach, this time I thumbnailed all the moods, lights and colors, then I rendered all the details at once.
This is worth 4 days of work (1 days = approx 6 hours that go around my actual day job which has nothing to do with drawing).

Also This is the first chapter thought as a digital content. It is meant to be read on a phone in portrait mode. So One panel per line, two in a pinch… Since it’s done this way I can barely put more than 2 panels per page. And this is where the magic happens ! 1 or 2 panels per page means bigger Panels that are more synthetic than a lot of micro fragments. It gives more place to narration and I can work on a panel longer than when I still have 6 to draw to finish my page…so this is a very cool change. Also it simplifies storyboarding as composition gets simpler.

I still want WASTE to be printable so I keep in mind not to have a panel across two pages…but that’s the only constraint.

Chapter 17, Done !

Chapter 17 is done !
Full color once again

Chapter 18 I’ll be focusing on widening the shots, putting nicer backgrounds, lights and moods.
This weekend I’d like to get back to my webtoon.
This weekend I’d like to redo my patreon page and rewards

Going color with chapter 16

Last page of chapter 15 was colored. I did it for fun, layed out colors in 15 mins on a color layer and there…early readers enjoyed it so I thought I’d give it a shot on chapter 16 which will be colored.

Couldn’t make my story board for the week as the week end was especially loaded with unsual events. Chapter 15 was the best planned ahead of time chapter. Chapter 16 will be the worse as I storyboard it page by page (>___<)….
Tonight I’ll be storyboarding and then if I still got time I’ll draw page 4…otherwise…I’ll be late !

Soaking the introduction of color doesn’t help ! Sometimes the result is cool, sometimes I’m ashamed. It’s like painting, it was especially hard in the begining. Not like I master it now, but I feel I can express what’s in my head…

….sneak peek !