Chapter 6 v2

Chapter 6 has been redone completely. I was really unhappy with the last version and it was meant to be replaceable. Which is why I allowed it to fork so much compared to chapter 5 (starting point and hunter character are very different).
The new version is available here.
However in this version I went back to the original plot.
I also made a big graphical change. No more line art. This is now digitally painted. There are several reasons / Benefits to it:

-Atmosphere / Lighting / Volumetry / Realism go up
-Background and “secondary tasks” are dealt with in a more personnal / flexible way
-Speed and productivity go up
-Painting is much more adapted to tablets than line art which I must admit killed the fun I had drawing…
-Opens a wide variety of subject matters I felt were out of reach before

Please don’t hesitate to let me know your thought about all this !
Have a good read !

Chara design sheet

That may be my first character design sheet ever.
I was really unhappy with the hunter introduced in chapter 6. He was not like what I had in mind at all (an veteran task force type of guy).
So in the middle of chapter 7 I decided to redo it from scratch. Chapter 6 will be replaced by a new chapter 6.2.
I’ve layered every piece of cloth so I can combine, swap etc…
Let me know what you think of that one.

civil mode
civil mode

Character design sheet for the hunter in WASTE
Character design sheet for the hunter in WASTE

Chapter 6 is out :)



About the release

Still can’t believe I’m releasing a new chapter. Never went that fast.
I still draw in the evening after work. The time I give it didn’t change. What changed is I decided every night the page had to be finished no matter what.

Basically that means a lot of change in my mindset when I drew I kept in mind “be global / Don’t get trapped in details”  cause when I got to turn the lights off, the page has to be understandable enough for readers.

Also any kind of detail that would be a pain and repel me from drawing (and lose weeks not drawing at all because I just don’t want to) I simplified and went like “be it”.

I’m very curious to know what you people think of that new standard (rougher release but every month rather than every year)

So about the content itself.

Since the release is very different and cuts clear with the consistent quality I tried to maintain in WASTE up until now, this chapter begins a bit like a spin off…it can be plugged in or unplugged from the main WASTE story just for security…
The story-line didn’t change, I just made sure I can fork or merge the new faster production to come with the original 5 chapters.

About the making of

I’m sorry I didn’t record the making of. It was so experimental to me (especially the painting) I didn’t feel I could make good lives. Sometimes I screwed up and redid some pages several times. I hope I can get back on track and update the mangatengu youtube channel with chapter 7

WASTE chapter 5 contact

Hey there !
Chapter 5’s inking first pass is done. So here is a contact of all the pages ! And yest last one is a double page….(didn’t do that since chapter 1 Ended, as it was a pain in every way)
Basically, All characters have been inked. Second pass will be backgrounds, dialogs….(yeah once again I left it last………sorry).
I hope to be done very soon !


Snapchat & Daily Youtube live broadcasts

Snapchat Manga Tengu
mangatengu on snapchat.

I have been setting up a daily live broadcast on youtube where you can see me draw WASTE live and communicate with me.
However I find the YouTube chat is not so cool, so you can now contact me on snapchat .
If you send questions / requests there, I’ll answer you during the next live broadcast on youtube !




During all those experiments I’m “secretly” having with brushes about making buildings etc…I’ve had lots of software issues.
(Thanks AMD for your horrible graphic cards’ drivers)
This led me to have to leave manga studio which is lagged to the bone since a few time. Hopefully found Krita to replace it. Krita is open source and has an incredible set of brush engines and individual curves for every brush you use (and yes a general curve, independent from the driver’s cruve settings !!)…that’s enough of an edge for me to overlook all the crashes and bugs I encounter while using it.

So I’ve tweaked brushes to death until I can find a nice brush that can compare proudly to the one I used in manga studio. But in the end I managed to get a set of brushes that are far better.
They feel so true, It’s the first time I’m getting the results of my real life chinese brushes. To the point I have to mimic my old moves to get the same strokes variation.

So yes obviously I’ve taken the opportunity to make hair brushes, which I never took the time to do in the past. I’m very happy it gives my panels an extra boost (wait to see Zeim’s beard ! It looks very dense now !)

Benching Krita for artwork



I have lined and hatched  those images in an open source program called Krita.
Recently I’ve been trying out Krita. Why ? I don’t remember. But it just happens manga studio is being nasty and you already know I am not at ease with Photoshop when it comes to drawing line art.

So I’ve dived in Krita’s brushes’ settings to calibrate my tools and have nice lines like I did in manga studio, which led me to learn a lot about brushes in Krita but also in MS and PS as I was going back and forth to understand why this why that.

Bottom line is Krita is very capable and I love the lines I get. It’s the first time I feel like I’m manipulating my Chinese brush again.
It’s capable enough to make me turn a blind eye on the layer tree which I really don’t get along with and the dozen of crashes I had today with the program. Hopefully there is a very powerful back up system so I lost….0 data.