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WASTE chapter 5 contact

Hey there !
Chapter 5’s inking first pass is done. So here is a contact of all the pages ! And yest last one is a double page….(didn’t do that since chapter 1 Ended, as it was a pain in every way)
Basically, All characters have been inked. Second pass will be backgrounds, dialogs….(yeah once again I left it last………sorry).
I hope to be done very soon !





During all those experiments I’m “secretly” having with brushes about making buildings etc…I’ve had lots of software issues.
(Thanks AMD for your horrible graphic cards’ drivers)
This led me to have to leave manga studio which is lagged to the bone since a few time. Hopefully found Krita to replace it. Krita is open source and has an incredible set of brush engines and individual curves for every brush you use (and yes a general curve, independent from the driver’s cruve settings !!)…that’s enough of an edge for me to overlook all the crashes and bugs I encounter while using it.

So I’ve tweaked brushes to death until I can find a nice brush that can compare proudly to the one I used in manga studio. But in the end I managed to get a set of brushes that are far better.
They feel so true, It’s the first time I’m getting the results of my real life chinese brushes. To the point I have to mimic my old moves to get the same strokes variation.

So yes obviously I’ve taken the opportunity to make hair brushes, which I never took the time to do in the past. I’m very happy it gives my panels an extra boost (wait to see Zeim’s beard ! It looks very dense now !)

Benching Krita for artwork



I have lined and hatched  those images in an open source program called Krita.
Recently I’ve been trying out Krita. Why ? I don’t remember. But it just happens manga studio is being nasty and you already know I am not at ease with Photoshop when it comes to drawing line art.

So I’ve dived in Krita’s brushes’ settings to calibrate my tools and have nice lines like I did in manga studio, which led me to learn a lot about brushes in Krita but also in MS and PS as I was going back and forth to understand why this why that.

Bottom line is Krita is very capable and I love the lines I get. It’s the first time I feel like I’m manipulating my Chinese brush again.
It’s capable enough to make me turn a blind eye on the layer tree which I really don’t get along with and the dozen of crashes I had today with the program. Hopefully there is a very powerful back up system so I lost….0 data.


Bienvenue dans cette seconde partie de la vidéo de character design du Boucher. Aujourd’hui, comme convenu, nous allons avancer notre character design jusqu’à ce stade:

concept butcher phase finale 3
concept butcher phase finale 3

Dans la première vidéo, nous nous sommes attardés sur la conception de différentes idées de character design du Boucher. Cette seconde partie traite du raffinement d’une des idées émises pour passer d’une esquisse grossière à un dessin plus abouti qui parlera plus aux lecteurs.
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WASTE seinen manga Le Boucher Character Design – AUDIO FR

Aujourd’hui je vous présente une vidéo de recherche graphique pour un personnage de WASTE qui comme vous le savez est mon manga seinen perso.

“Alerte Spoiler” Pour ceux qui n’ont pas encore lu le manga, je vous préviens, vous allez être spoilés. Sinon vous pouvez toujours lire WASTE sur en anglais ou trouver la VF sur la page facebook mangatenguseinen que je met en lien dans la description de la video.
Revenons à nos moutons Le personnage à l’étude, qui s’appelle “le boucher” est un mutant qui avait à l’origine une tentacule à la place du bras gauche. Depuis son combat avec Zeim, cette tentacule a étée tranchée et son autre bras a été fendu en deux. Depuis qu’il a disparu, son corps s’est régénéré et les mutations se sont caractérisées. Continue reading