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Chapter 9 released, Youtube update, Patreon update

Hey guys,
Chapter 9 begun releasing on the net, so chapter 10 goes early access on patreon.
I’m releasing it one page a day on webtoon and facebook, but you can already read it all in one go here.
For the youtube update. I timelapsed chapter 18 page 1 painting process.
wait ??? Chapter 18 ?!!
Well yeah as you saw in previous updates, I decided to stop publishing until webtoon catches up, but I went into painting frenzy so I’m way ahead of chapter 9 as I’m publishing it now.

I hope you enjoy the video, it’s always a lot of extra effort to get (even such a simple timelapse) it done.

About the patreon update, I was not happy with the rewards, I decided to simplify it until I get something better. So until then there is only the 1$ reward !
If you want to support me, please check it out there:

Chapter 13, done …

I’m one day earlier than I planned. One page got postponed for another release…
This is the second chapter I do in a one week deadline…as always it’s done aside from work, so basically I draw at lunch break and nolife in the evening till 2AM…
Nights are averaging 4h30 of sleep and I have no time to do whatever it is that is not draw a page of WASTE. I don’t even do chara design, I just go with the flow.
And on top of all, I Slacked off workouts a lot…
not to mention I’d like to do videos about making of like before, comic strips to joke around with readers etc…
Handling this on the long run seems destructive to me…I’m thinking of doing a release every 10 days (or every other week) rather than every week.

Still need to find my balance.
But for now, chapter 14 here we go !

Chapter 12, Done !

This is a new speed record…chapter 12 is 11 pages long, like chapter 11, but I drew this faster (Begun storyboarding last Sunday, finished today, Saturday…this means it’s my first one week release !!!)

The workload is huge and the pace is really intense. I hope I can get faster and get nights longer than 5 hours again in a near future.

However, Tomorrow scripting chapter 13 !