Hi there,

Adding a new concept for WASTE. I’m trying to get that fat boy right. However I’m still working on making him more chaotic. I want him to look degenerated. So first thing I’ll do is break the symmetry I guess.

So I can’t say more about this character, or I’ll be spoiling my own work :p

This was actually drawn on the computer. It is part of my plan I talked about in the previous news entry. It’s pretty fun, but I drew it all with full black pen so it was not easy. I guess I’ll go for overlapping grays to give it the pencil’s flexibility.

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Thanks !


Since I’ve been receiving a lot of feedback and questions lately about me and WASTE, I updated the FAQ.

Also I’ll give a little word about change that has occured around me and WASTE.

The manga was warmly welcome by readers and I’m glad to see that. I’ll be taking critics into account and I hope people will appreciate the next issue even more.

About release cadence. As you know I work on WASTE alone after working days and aside of coding this site.
So since I got an overbooked planning, I’m trying to get faster by using new tools.

That’s why I’m actually trying to work directly on a Wacom Cintiq…so I can get assistance from the computer.

I won’t talk too much about it for now cause it’s still experimental for me. However here’s a little drawing I made directly on the computer. No paper sketch or anything, just computer.
I feel my graphic identity is correctly transmitted and it feels like I made it by hand so I’m pretty happy.