This one is fully made on my tablet. No preliminary pencil rough or anything.
I’m really happy with the result, I feel I could do things as good as with my traditional tools. I think I’m gonna make the design of the butcher change a bit more and then it will be good to go.


Still experimenting with graphic tablet…
I guess I’m getting along with it day by day…however, the time I spent on it represents nearly 2 weeks until now…so I guess it’s about time to get efficient.

Here a little drawing I inked two ways (hand on paper VS. hand on computer).
Changing my drawing tool that drastically is not easy. I try not to let the tool take over my touch and change it a bad way.


About WASTE…well, I worked a lot on the story especially after seeing how much people were expecting from me on that…I made a bunch of different chapter 2 versions. However, I guess I’ll enter the production cycle soon and I hope that tablet helps me going faster and look more finished.

In the coming days I’ll be posting a few character design sketches I made during August, I put some effort in it so the new character looks cool and fits with the scenario.