Two main news :-Chapter 2 is comming soon
-New video stuffYeah it is coming…chapter 2 !!!
I’m ashamed to say that even if I took 6 other months to get it out…it’s only 21 pages !
As a matter of fact I made the deepest changes in my working tools choice and experimented a lot before going for chapter 2. It will be my first fully digital release. Also I have to admit I lost lots of time lazing around with the story board….
By the way in January it will have been 1 year I begun working on WASTE.

About video stuff, well since I went for digital media, it has become way easier to take higher quality and clearer videos…so I filmed myself while drawing 14 of the chapter 2 pages. I’ll be putting all this on youtube (my name on youtube is MangaTengu). I expect from now on to film each and every page…that will be fun.

I’m actually working a bit on the main script of WASTE to give it some consistency…trying a funny method to try and get complex plots without getting lost.

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