I’ve been talking about a new version of the site since I’ve finished this one. The two weeks I thought it would take are transforming into 2+ months…

Chapter 2 was supposed to be finished by now, but I had a setback…and I’m not working on WASTE these days because of coding.
I know my main activity (aside from work……….) is supposed to be manga. But I really need a robust website and I’ve had enough of half done solutions. So I put manga on pause since a while now and until I have the website I desire.

Good thing in the end is that before I was talking about learning OOP and Symfony as if I might fail (Originally I’m no developper (but I kinda became one), this is complicated stuff for common people like me). However Now I’m nearly done, so things are much more certain than before.

The new version of the website will certainly come in 2 parts :
-In February would come a new php website with all the functionalities a website should provide
-In Marsh/April would come some cool appearance, a new manga reader and all the cool stuff…

However, I think as soon as the first part is launched, I’ll part time between manga and coding to limit the huge damage I’m doing to my schedule 😡