Mixed background techniques


I got to submit my senior project soon…so obviously it’s time for me to do anything but to work on it!
I was initially working (hard) on the new manga tengu website. But as you certainly don’t know yet, I’m lunatic.
I take projects (I see them as problems that need to be solved) and work on them until I’m satisfied.

Today I woke up with the urge to solve a specific problem : Now that I have a cintiq (graphic tablet), how will I draw orthographic stuff without feeling constrained ?…Shouldn’t I rely exclusively on photomanipulation ? Ah but no I need to be able to draw anything…blablabla…

So I worked all day trying everything passing through my mind and as everytime, I ended up with a mix of all the methods I explored.
I know manga studio’s rulers look awesome. But when you use autocad everyday (or know how to use a normal plastic ruler 🙂 ) at work…it really doesn’t look that great. I quickly felt bounded and unable to move freely. So I worked on gaining freedom and flexibility…

Now I’m certain I go faster than by hand and I’m pretty happy with the result. However I hope to improve my workflow. Maybe use 3D models. to make certain things, set up good brushes etc…

Now that I “solved” that “problem” and finished page 1. The others should follow soon if my senior project doesn’t take too much time.