I was thinking about that digital painting stuff during lunch break today but there is no graphic tablet in my agency, so I tried to simulate it with a pencil by drawing very quick shapes not finishing anything.
Then I remembered I got that Pentel GFKP in my pocket for times like this…the whole process took something like 20 minutes. And I’m pretty happy with it.

It’s a line drawing of course, but I my approach was influenced by the digital painting experience I had yesterday…

I tried to give a sense to this creature, further than “it is a monster ! it has to be ugly !”.

So I imagined that it was a flying helium filled creature that would float (like starcraft’s overloards for example). Then I gave it those spiderlike eyes and those tongs as if it hunted birds like chameleon hunts insects…but I wanted it to be fast, like it could be a fierce hunter or a useful mount…so I tried to suggest some flie’s wings but the drawing was nearly done and I couldn’t erase it 🙂

Now you know why I called it Heliumite !


I’m submitting my senior project in the end of April and I’m kinda…late.From now on and until the end of April, I don’t think I’ll have time to do anything related to manga…

I’m going on hiatus !



Hey there,
I’ve submitted my senior project now so before preparing the oral exam etc etc…I thought I’d have a little fun.
I’m trying to get into digital painting since now I’m on tablet.
I must say it’s very confusing to me as I never worked without strong line presence…But I think it will get better and better with time.

I’d like to doodle one every couple of days to get into it…so maybe I can inject it in WASTE for backgrounds and color covers etc…

What do you think ?


Chapter 2 is released ! read it here !


That’s typically not the time I should have been working on it (senior project deadline = April 26….and the new website is not ready).

However, like a baby, it came at the moment it was ready ! Expected or not !

I hope you’ll like it at least as much as chapter 1 !

I’ll be posting more making of videos on youtube little by little !

See you soon to talk about chapter 3 and new production techniques


Chapter 2 should be released in less than 24 hours…I’m upping some time lapses I recorded while drawing the characters.
This takes lots of time, especially when you have lots of records…so if you want to see some specific content in priority, shoot me an email via the contact page !

Hope you’ll enjoy chapter 2 !