Chapter 6 is out :)



About the release

Still can’t believe I’m releasing a new chapter. Never went that fast.
I still draw in the evening after work. The time I give it didn’t change. What changed is I decided every night the page had to be finished no matter what.

Basically that means a lot of change in my mindset when I drew I kept in mind “be global / Don’t get trapped in details”  cause when I got to turn the lights off, the page has to be understandable enough for readers.

Also any kind of detail that would be a pain and repel me from drawing (and lose weeks not drawing at all because I just don’t want to) I simplified and went like “be it”.

I’m very curious to know what you people think of that new standard (rougher release but every month rather than every year)

So about the content itself.

Since the release is very different and cuts clear with the consistent quality I tried to maintain in WASTE up until now, this chapter begins a bit like a spin off…it can be plugged in or unplugged from the main WASTE story just for security…
The story-line didn’t change, I just made sure I can fork or merge the new faster production to come with the original 5 chapters.

About the making of

I’m sorry I didn’t record the making of. It was so experimental to me (especially the painting) I didn’t feel I could make good lives. Sometimes I screwed up and redid some pages several times. I hope I can get back on track and update the mangatengu youtube channel with chapter 7