It’s been something like 3 weeks I begun posting WASTE on webtoon.
The subscribers’ number is growing steadily and it’s really motivating to be able to see it.
I’m posting one page a day since the beginning of WASTE. Since I generally produce one page every 2 days, it should catch up with the latest release soon.
I’d rather have it this way than in one single post, as I’m heading toward continuous release from now on, it’s a good opportunity to experiment that kind of pace.
Here is a strip I made to celebrate 100 subscribers, I shall soon reach 200 and I didn’t think of anything to celebrate it yet ! Btw this is my first color success. By success I mean, not repulsive.

However, as I said, there is a lot of change coming. First and foremost, continuous publication (1 page a day rather than 1 chapter every X).
Also I’ve been able to pace myself, I can do 1 small chapter (10/15 pages) a month in “no-life-after-day-work” mode.
So in fact chapter 8 is finished by now. But I’m not releasing it yet. Why ? Because…Patreon. Here is the idea, I want to give something special for anybody pledging for me on patreon, so I decided it would be a 1 chapter lead. When people get to read chapter 7, any of my patron can read chapter 8, and some of them even can read the Work In Progress of chapter 9…so to be able to launch my patreon correctly I need to have that lead over public release.
Chapter 8 should be released on June 13 if everything goes as during the 3 last months.

For the curious, my patreon is at