Chapter 11 done, chapter 12 on the way chapter 10 on hold

Chapter 11 is done, it was scripted, story boarded and drawn in 9 days for 11 pages. I think this is my fastest yet. It doesn’t seem that fast, but I only draw at lunch break and at night so to me this is very good. I hope I can get faster though.

However, chapter 9 has not been released yet, here is the idea:
I want to synchronize my release on all platforms : spectrum, webtoon, facebook and this website.
They are all more or less advanced in the story publishing, for example Spectrum is at the end of chapter 8 while webtoon is at the beginning of chapter 5.
People sometimes go between a platform and the other and get spoiled. Which is not cool.
So since webtoon is the one that needs to catch up, I’m gonna wait for it to reach the others before publishing again.

So this post is for records (about when did chapter 11 really get done) and keeping you guys updated.