Chapter 20 released

Chapter 20 is released. There are less things I feel shameful about in this one compared to the previous one. From here on things go better.
Chapter 26 ? Yes still a WIP. Still moving, working and drawing at the same time. I hope my buffer can take it and I can produce again before release suffers again like in the old days.

Chapter 19 released. Chapter 26…still WIP

Ok so Chapter 19 is coming out. From here on a few things are gona happen:
-Action gets more intense, after all the planing, talking, explaining
-Next few chapters…(at least 8) are going to take place in a single night (so lots of darkness, artificial lights and no sky)
-Color and image quality goes up, as I get in the night scenes because it’s very monochromatic so it’s easier for me as a color beginner to get something descent.

Chapter 25 which I finished recently I consider as the pinacle of my work as of today. I took more time to draw it and I enjoyed doing quite a bit of details in the pictures.
Chapter 26 which I’m (trying to) working on, is more painful to me as I’m moving IRL and it comes with lots of exhausting extra tasks to do. So basically until 2 more weeks I won’t be able to draw much.
-my buffer is melting before my very eyes ===> stress, next double posting period going further away 🙁
-my hand is rusting, just when I finally did some cool stuff in chapter 25 🙁
-I’m not able to make details for chapter 26. It makes me sad because I really love the story board and it deserves way more care than that…

All in all, this is all supposed to be temporary. I hope things get back in check soon, and who knows, maybe I can even have the luxury to workout again with my rings…

WASTE chapter 25 done

Chapter 25 was a lot of fun. Here i explain why:

usually I publish 2 pages a day since a while now.
I publish 2 pages, 7 days a week, so to maintain 2 pages a day, I must actually draw 3, so I can absorb the time taken by the storyboard which I do on weekend.

As you may know my day job has nothing to do with drawing, so drawing 3 pages means no lunch break and nothing else but drawing at night.
I have to deal with crazy dead lines imposed by…myself. I have no time for concept art, nor detail and finishing touch.

However, things have slown down a lot lately, so I decided to publish one page a day for the time being and maintain my buffer by drawing 1.5 page a day.
So the pages in chapter 25 appear to be more polished than others. I didn’t rush and wasn’t all stressed about it.

Makes me want to keep it that way. It will depend on traffic. If the rush comes again I’ll switch to 2 pages a day again.

So The post called treat was not THE treat of the chapter. Last page is 🙂
I hope you’ll like it when it’s published (should be 3 months from now…)