Chapter 28 done !

The last week I’ve finally gotten back to draw regularly. However I can’t seem to reach my cruising speed again. Not because I rusted or something, so what happened ?

WASTE’s chapter 5 was an unoficial one-shot open end. I was too slow and drawing wasn’t fun anymore (I hated inking on the computer, and I had that 2500€ / 35kg cintiq clogging my desk…so I got fed up).

So when I came back at WASTE. I wanted to have fun in the first place and just get the story forward. I also wanted to experiment new technics: I had been mind blown by some quick speed paints I had seen. These were so fast to do and yet so much more complete than my line works. So it was decided WASTE would switch to digital painting no matter the quality. It would catch up someday.

And that day kind of came. It’s far from being perfect I know, but I feel more at ease than before when trying to express ideas with painting. So what happens in such case ? Yeah, you begin adding some details again…

So basically this is what’s happening. A page today takes 3 times the time it took a few months ago. Because I know, I can and I want to add that little bit of detail that will make it look less…rough.

The thing is I still like spontaneous rough paints, at least those done by others as mine are pretty stiff for now. Also I see some illustrations and I want to get back at it sometimes (I begun drawing like most of comics people, drawing illustrations / Artworks before comics). I just feel like I want to make my best piece from time to time. Just to make a manifest of what I can do at that point in time.

Also I realized at the end of Chapter 20 that doing such thing improved my drawing skills overall dramatically. So there’s a gap between before and after chapter 20…

All in all this is why I’m slowing down. I want to stay spontaneous and tell the story fast but I also want to push some illustrations a bit. For now I failde separating both because every drawing I make is an opportunity… but I think I’ll end up like that : very rough but yet understandable panels and very detailed ones…which means yeah…total inconsistency….

However ! Chapter 28 is done ! Yay for Chapter 28 ! What a relief…Now, time to storyboard a few more chapters. We are reaching a sensitive spot in the WASTE story…