Chapter 3 early pages

OK so it’s a very late “early” publication but well, that’s me ! I’m trying to post the manga bit by bit. If it happens to be better then I’ll adopt that publication style for a page every 1 or 2 days…

Let me know your opinion. Some people don’t like to get things bit by bit. Some others do like it etc…




  • Doomroar

    I actually prefer to read the whole thing, but some may love the idea of this publication every 2 days because it gives them a sense of reassurance, that the manga is advancing.

    • Yeah that’s the dilemma.
      Personally I like to release things when I’m sure it’s all consistent. For now lots of things still may change so I’m not really relaxed posting those pages.

      I think I’ll keep with the old fashion way but I’m gonna go faster from now on.

  • Lail Black

    I rather reading the chapter when is finished… I hope you could work faster! I’ve got so many questions going around my head with this story

    • I wish I could dedicate myself to manga so I could go faster as you’d like !
      I’m feeling so much presure regarding the story. People are expecting it !

      • Lail Black

        Yes we are … good luck with your upcoming work!

        • AAAAAAAAAH !

          Thanks !

          • Lail Black

            Lool! Please don’t freak out!!! If you go crazy we’ll never get the end of the story 😉

          • Too late !!! But you’ll get a story anyway. It will just be more twisted !

          • Lail Black

            [scared face] I cannot wait!!!

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