WASTE chapter 7 released

This is my fastest release I think, and I find it pretty well balanced.
Yeah I’m complimenting myself ! I went into total isolation this past month to be able to deliver this after all !
This is pretty intense as a cadence (I draw one page every day). To do so I begin the page at lunch break at work, then Finish it at night. Get a little more sleep deprived every day and repeat until…well we’ll see.

About the story, I’m happy too, I feel i delivered some emotion other than BERSEEEERK.
Feel free to give your feedback as always, you’re very welcome !

  • Varu

    This was a very quick release, thank you and hope you’re getting more sleep now. I like the changes you’ve made to the hunter, he’s more relatable. There are some parts where the kid’s face looked strangely adult, don’t know why. The way she originally was in the first version of chapter 6 looked more like a normal child.

    • I’ll Sleep after chapter 8, unless I chain chapter 9 🙂
      I’d really like to be able to keep the 1 page per day going as long as I can (this is released at this speed on facebook, as of today only page 4 will be available there). The additional challenge is the storyboarding, character design artworks and other side tasks that I have to do as well…

      Yes sometimes she looks way too mature, like a young woman…I must say I’m having quite a hard time with drawing a child that doesn’t look like an alien (big forehead and eyes). I’ll try to keep an eye on it in the next drawings !
      Thanks for the hunter, I had a very hard time designing him (so many versions) !

      Thanks for the feedback !

  • Doomroar

    This was quite good, the art improved a lot, Sorpresa surprised me with how girly she looked.

    Only one thing i could say, how do you explain that, after years of being a child slave to the point where she can’t remember her name, the feeling of being clothed, and similar things, yet she is still able to talk perfectly?

    • Thanks ! I try my best at taking all the graphical change as smoothly as I can. For a long time exclusive liner it’s quite an adventure.

      About Sorpresa, indeed, it needs a few explanations. The way I see her is like someone that has been tooled. So people never had to call her by a name other than “the girl” , “hey you” etc…She has a life prior to this very kind of slavery where she experienced common life stuff. But that may be explored later.

      In the end I don’t see her as a Mowgli or a Tarzan which would have had no interaction with humans whatsoever.

      Now someone who hasn’t talked in a long time will certainly have a funny way to talk or voice (or both). But I didn’t think of that. If someday she is ever voiced over, I’ll have to give a word about that !

      Thanks for the feedback and following for so long !