Chapter 14, Done !

storyboarded Sunday
Drawn between Monday and Friday (10 pages)
Actually on Friday I even drew a strip for marginal I’m posting here. It’s approx a 1/2 hour work (storyboard text and publication all included)

I don’t want to think I nailed my new workflow yet. I’ve made a solid – 2 pages a day / 1 chapter a week – during 3 weeks now. But I still feel it’s a challenge. I hope I can either make it my daily routine, either slow down a bit and sleep correctly.

As of today if I’m not working (I mean my desk job) I’m drawing. Never got that dedicated before. I’m realizing now that I reached a point where even if I’m exhausted and can’t focused on usual stuff anymore, if I got a pen in my hands I can still draw.

Miss niece and nephew !