Chapter 18, Done !

Yahoo !
So in this chapter I tried to focus on widening the field of view and always putting a bit of background or at least a bit of mood in every panel.
It’s not the first time I decide to do so, but sometimes you forget your resolutions !
Also tried another approach, this time I thumbnailed all the moods, lights and colors, then I rendered all the details at once.
This is worth 4 days of work (1 days = approx 6 hours that go around my actual day job which has nothing to do with drawing).

Also This is the first chapter thought as a digital content. It is meant to be read on a phone in portrait mode. So One panel per line, two in a pinch… Since it’s done this way I can barely put more than 2 panels per page. And this is where the magic happens ! 1 or 2 panels per page means bigger Panels that are more synthetic than a lot of micro fragments. It gives more place to narration and I can work on a panel longer than when I still have 6 to draw to finish my page…so this is a very cool change. Also it simplifies storyboarding as composition gets simpler.

I still want WASTE to be printable so I keep in mind not to have a panel across two pages…but that’s the only constraint.