Website issues

Recently I didn’t update this website. The admin interface crashed and I just got blank pages with no error info…
So I couldn’t update here anymore.

I fixed it by reinstalled wordpress.
I’m happy I managed to rescue my theme and contents and all…

So since last update a lot has happened:
-Chapter 23 is finished
-Chapter 24 is at a scenaristic tie, I’m working on the story…that takes time.
-I’ve added a new video on youtube
-I’ve discovered and made super nice brushes for krita. The smudge brush engine allows you to get mind blowing result. The problem is performance. But then I ended up reactivating instant preview. First encounter with instant preview was not pleasant at all because at the time I was only working with line art. Seeing my strokes and hatches move a bit while drawing was drawing was out of question. But now as a painter I enjoy it a lot.

I’ll post a bit more about all that. Got to run now