WASTE chapter 25 done

Chapter 25 was a lot of fun. Here i explain why:

usually I publish 2 pages a day since a while now.
I publish 2 pages, 7 days a week, so to maintain 2 pages a day, I must actually draw 3, so I can absorb the time taken by the storyboard which I do on weekend.

As you may know my day job has nothing to do with drawing, so drawing 3 pages means no lunch break and nothing else but drawing at night.
I have to deal with crazy dead lines imposed by…myself. I have no time for concept art, nor detail and finishing touch.

However, things have slown down a lot lately, so I decided to publish one page a day for the time being and maintain my buffer by drawing 1.5 page a day.
So the pages in chapter 25 appear to be more polished than others. I didn’t rush and wasn’t all stressed about it.

Makes me want to keep it that way. It will depend on traffic. If the rush comes again I’ll switch to 2 pages a day again.

So The post called treat was not THE treat of the chapter. Last page is 🙂
I hope you’ll like it when it’s published (should be 3 months from now…)