WASTE english: 007 Surprise - 1/16

WASTE english: 007 Surprise - 1/16

WASTE english - 7 - Surprise - 1

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  • Testing testing…123

  • rkzn

    really well draw! and I really like this chapter! don’t give up!

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  • Doomroar

    It was great man! but please never show me that geisha again XD.

    • Hahaha ! Man I had so much fun when storyboarding that !
      I think I’ll make more of those occasional mini stories !

  • XxMitsukoxX

    Great manga, loved it, read it all in one go o i hope to see more soon 🙂 Loved your YT channel, i’m the one that asked you to make more vids ooo but anyway, great job, look foward to seeing more o

    • Thanks 🙂
      I’ll definitely be making more videos of drawing WASTE and in the same time I’ll pic specific panels so I can talk about the issues you asked for.
      But about traditional, I dunno how to get it in for now.
      Thanks !

  • Anir

    Oh my god this is …astonishing.
    I honestly didn’t expect it to be soo gooooood!!!
    Dude, you can easily get this published if you wanted.

    • Loool I wanted but wanting is not enough !
      Thanks for the kind word it’s really cool 🙂

  • Flor2896

    Wow, this is suprisingly good. Keep it up!

  • yamicat

    Great manga! I’m loving it.

    • Thanks ! Chapter 4 is coming out in the coming week !

      • yamicat

        Can’t wait.

        • MANGA TENGU

          Well it’s just done !
          But I decide to merge chapter 5’s beginning in chapter 4 so I’ll need a bit of extra time !

          I hope you’ll like it !

  • yamicat

    I cant wait.

  • Arturo Guerra

    Hi! I really like your manga so far. You can drop your quality just like berserk and Hunter X Hunter and you’ll do fine. Don’t make them talk so mucho tho, or try to make them have a solid personality. introducing a female character would be good as well. Just some tips to make it better 🙂

    • Thanks for leaving a kind word !
      Well actually chap 5 is quite verbose.

      Yeah I don’t like when it talks too much. I like it when it’s guessable easily.
      I think I can never be as talky as mangas like death note etc…

      Female characters :)….
      Everything will come right in time. I just don’t want to add a female character without solid reasons directly linked to the main chars. So it’s not for now :p

      Thanks again ! Hope to see you on the daily live broadcast on youtube !

  • Preston Ballard

    Man this is really good!!! I hope to see more of this.

    • Yeah it is coming very soon ! Thanks 🙂

  • Doomroar

    That 4th wall break was a little too much man. I love the design on the attacking enemy, hope you don’t destroy it i want to see more of it.

    • Haha ! Tthere shall be way more as the time goes by. Those ruins are just obstacles standing in the way of super powerful mutants.
      And yes it is a very hazardous try I’m gonna do. But it’s sandboxed so it doesn’t alter the main series (if I feel it’s wrong, I can just make it a side story and continue this where I left).
      But I really hope the new format works…I definitely want to be able to release much more…

  • Cyril Deschamps

    I like it so far. Their is definitely a talented hand behind this drawings, keep it up mate !

    You have my support.

    • Thanks ! Yeah I’m counting on you then :p
      More soon (as always)

  • Doomroar

    Damn man i get it, you like the design, but to spend 3 pages just to drive the point, quite excessive don’t you think? jajaja.
    Also the girl looks like a man, at times…

    • You mean about the intro of the hunter ?
      I would have said she looks like a dwarf, or sometime like an old ugly lady. But a man ?…Man in most manga look so feminine. My girls sure are more manly than that lol !

      • Doomroar

        Yeah the whole “you are so cool, everything about you is cool” sketch kinda drags on for too long.

        Is the nose and the chin, you could give her a beard and maybe she will become more girly hue hue.

        • You’ll regret that when she grows up into a beautifull lady !! :p

          • Doomroar

            But ins’t it good that such things happens only after she gets older? think about it, if i was ogling at her as she is now, i would be some pedo right? right, which means:

            A) I would lost interest once she grows up, so i wont really regret anything.

            B) She will know i am creeper, so i will regret it nevertheless.

          • Man, you’re a tough one XD

          • Doomroar


  • Doomroar

    You know if a girl is named surprise, you would better think it twice for it may not be a girl at all…

    • lol. Well that gives her extra dissuasive protection 😉

  • Doomroar

    You have come a long way in the art of face drawing, congratulations!

    • Thanks 🙂 This really is a wide topic. And color just widens it !

      • Doomroar

        You could cheat your way by saying that they all use dark gothic make up.

  • Doomroar

    Hell yeah he is back! or was since it is a flashback, good shit either way.

    • Thanks ! Color pages are coming soon. Expect a lot of red !