WASTE english: 008 Routine - 1/14

WASTE english: 008 Routine - 1/14

WASTE english - 8 - Routine - 1

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  • Testing testing…123

  • rkzn

    really well draw! and I really like this chapter! don’t give up!

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  • Doomroar

    It was great man! but please never show me that geisha again XD.

    • Hahaha ! Man I had so much fun when storyboarding that !
      I think I’ll make more of those occasional mini stories !

  • XxMitsukoxX

    Great manga, loved it, read it all in one go o i hope to see more soon 🙂 Loved your YT channel, i’m the one that asked you to make more vids ooo but anyway, great job, look foward to seeing more o

    • Thanks 🙂
      I’ll definitely be making more videos of drawing WASTE and in the same time I’ll pic specific panels so I can talk about the issues you asked for.
      But about traditional, I dunno how to get it in for now.
      Thanks !

  • Anir

    Oh my god this is …astonishing.
    I honestly didn’t expect it to be soo gooooood!!!
    Dude, you can easily get this published if you wanted.

    • Loool I wanted but wanting is not enough !
      Thanks for the kind word it’s really cool 🙂

  • Flor2896

    Wow, this is suprisingly good. Keep it up!

  • yamicat

    Great manga! I’m loving it.

    • Thanks ! Chapter 4 is coming out in the coming week !

      • yamicat

        Can’t wait.

        • MANGA TENGU

          Well it’s just done !
          But I decide to merge chapter 5’s beginning in chapter 4 so I’ll need a bit of extra time !

          I hope you’ll like it !

  • yamicat

    I cant wait.

  • Arturo Guerra

    Hi! I really like your manga so far. You can drop your quality just like berserk and Hunter X Hunter and you’ll do fine. Don’t make them talk so mucho tho, or try to make them have a solid personality. introducing a female character would be good as well. Just some tips to make it better 🙂

    • Thanks for leaving a kind word !
      Well actually chap 5 is quite verbose.

      Yeah I don’t like when it talks too much. I like it when it’s guessable easily.
      I think I can never be as talky as mangas like death note etc…

      Female characters :)….
      Everything will come right in time. I just don’t want to add a female character without solid reasons directly linked to the main chars. So it’s not for now :p

      Thanks again ! Hope to see you on the daily live broadcast on youtube !

  • Preston Ballard

    Man this is really good!!! I hope to see more of this.

    • Yeah it is coming very soon ! Thanks 🙂

  • Doomroar

    That 4th wall break was a little too much man. I love the design on the attacking enemy, hope you don’t destroy it i want to see more of it.

    • Haha ! Tthere shall be way more as the time goes by. Those ruins are just obstacles standing in the way of super powerful mutants.
      And yes it is a very hazardous try I’m gonna do. But it’s sandboxed so it doesn’t alter the main series (if I feel it’s wrong, I can just make it a side story and continue this where I left).
      But I really hope the new format works…I definitely want to be able to release much more…

  • Cyril Deschamps

    I like it so far. Their is definitely a talented hand behind this drawings, keep it up mate !

    You have my support.

    • Thanks ! Yeah I’m counting on you then :p
      More soon (as always)

  • Doomroar

    Damn man i get it, you like the design, but to spend 3 pages just to drive the point, quite excessive don’t you think? jajaja.
    Also the girl looks like a man, at times…

    • You mean about the intro of the hunter ?
      I would have said she looks like a dwarf, or sometime like an old ugly lady. But a man ?…Man in most manga look so feminine. My girls sure are more manly than that lol !

      • Doomroar

        Yeah the whole “you are so cool, everything about you is cool” sketch kinda drags on for too long.

        Is the nose and the chin, you could give her a beard and maybe she will become more girly hue hue.

        • You’ll regret that when she grows up into a beautifull lady !! :p

          • Doomroar

            But ins’t it good that such things happens only after she gets older? think about it, if i was ogling at her as she is now, i would be some pedo right? right, which means:

            A) I would lost interest once she grows up, so i wont really regret anything.

            B) She will know i am creeper, so i will regret it nevertheless.

          • Man, you’re a tough one XD

          • Doomroar


  • Doomroar

    You know if a girl is named surprise, you would better think it twice for it may not be a girl at all…

    • lol. Well that gives her extra dissuasive protection 😉

  • Doomroar

    You have come a long way in the art of face drawing, congratulations!

    • Thanks 🙂 This really is a wide topic. And color just widens it !

      • Doomroar

        You could cheat your way by saying that they all use dark gothic make up.

  • Doomroar

    Hell yeah he is back! or was since it is a flashback, good shit either way.

    • Thanks ! Color pages are coming soon. Expect a lot of red !

      • Doomroar

        Those color pages turned out awesome congratulations!

  • Doomroar

    What! this wasn’t a hentai!? well shit that explains some things…

  • Austin Tinsley

    Absolute respect for your work. I’m so glad you have videos and pictures of your process. I was just gonna ask you if you had any after reading chapter 1. Keep up the work! Really awesome stuff and witnessing the evolution of your work is really cool. Thank you so much for your creations.

  • Austin Tinsley

    So good!!! I love the colored art style you have going on now. Finally caught up to chapter 18. I am hungry for more.

  • Doomroar

    Happy new year man, what a great chapter to start the 2018

  • Doomroar

    He is going to get his ass kicked, i mean even without the tranquilizer effect he was bound to get his ass kicked, but now he will get his ass kicked twice.

    • Hehehe sure but the question is how 😉 Next 5 chapter will be pretty loaded with action 😉

  • Doomroar

    At least Billy is having fun on his way to certain doom.

  • Doomroar

    Zeim and Hemorroid, an inseparable dream team! wait, that doesn’t sounds right…

    • XD XD XD the problem is not where we might think: Just replace dream by nightmare and it will sound reasonable !

  • Doomroar

    Yeah he better change plans, that guy no longer has an ass to be plugged.

    • Doomroar

      With a suppository i mean, of course.

      • We will just fatten up the suppository !

        • Doomroar

          George Takei.mp4

  • Doomroar

    Oooh he is gonna show him da wae!

    • Doomroar

      And he did, he did do show him da wae.

  • Doomroar

    You telling me people are desperate enough to want to see that thing dressed like a girl? boy it took a while but now i understand the horrors of that world.

    • Hey my oldest time reader ! I’m really happy you supported me on Webtoon, I was surprised to find you there ! However from now on it’s most likely this site will shut down as I won’t be renewing the hosting. Maybe I’ll make a new site later if needed ! I’ll see you on webtoon 😉

      • Doomroar

        I was actually reading on Webtoon for a while, and hadn’t found you there for some reason, but now i did.

        Oh, and good luck with the contest man!

  • tbschen

    Aww, it’s cancelled? That’s too bad.
    Just found it an hour ago and reading the chapters was fun, also interesting to see the art style change a lot in between.