answer the most asked questions I received until today via the contact form:

Q: Are you an Alien ?
R: No. I’m from Paris and I work there. I’m born in the 80s and I’m obviously a male.

Q: What’s that Manga Tengu nickname ?
R: It’s a wink to Adachi Mitsuru’s Manga Tengu character which is (manga tengu not Adachi) an old mangaka full of himself, giving a hard time to Editors and not respecting anything called deadline !

Q: Why are your releases so slow to come ?
R: I draw alone after long working days and I got no assistants. I like things to be drawn well, especially when I see people notice any detail I neglected. I’m trying to give my work a real professional finishing touch.

Q: What about becoming a full-time artist and produce faster ?
R: I’d certainly like to. When I finish the first WASTE volume I intend to print hard copies (self edition) and sell them to whoever wants to have a printed version of WASTE or just wants to support me. If things go well, then I can become a full-timer and produce Manga something like 3 times faster.

Q: How can I support your work ?
R: Please check the support page πŸ™‚ However, spreading the word about it is the best way to help me actually.

Q: Will your work still be available freely on the net if you print it ?
R: Yes, I discovered so much mangas this way…

Q: What are your manga references you built your style with ?
R: Hokuto No Ken ; Berserk ; Vagabond ; Real ; Akira…stuff like that πŸ™‚ By the way I discovered all the difficulty of drawing girls with I”s but it’s not recognizable in my actual works.
Recently I got surprised by Gantz computerized work.
I check biomega from time to time. Funny I feel connected to Tsutomu Nihei in some way.

Q: What else did you read / watch ?
R: Ohoh, lots of other things !
-City Hunter
-Vinland Saga
-Gunnm (first series)
-Yuyu Hakusho
-All Mitsuru Adachi’s work (hard to believe ?
-Sing yesterday for me
-Makasatsu Katsura’s work (knew about him with DNAΒ² then I”s, Video Girl Ai&Len and Zetman)
-Naruto’s First 18 volumes (hardly remember)
-Some Corean stuff I don’t know the international name of it
-Lots of Hiroshi Hirata
-Crying Freeman

-Full metal panic Fumoffu
-Ninja Scroll

-Lots of others I forgot about !

Q: No Shojo ? Kawai stuff and all ?
R: Never could get into it.

Q: Any other hobbies ?
R: Walking in an empty city in the middle of the night.
Old arcade games.
Coding my website a bit
Creepy things most people don’t like that much as you can see πŸ™‚

Q: Any music ?
R: Cars traveling at good speed far away sound like the ocean.

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