Still experimenting with graphic tablet…
I guess I’m getting along with it day by day…however, the time I spent on it represents nearly 2 weeks until now…so I guess it’s about time to get efficient.

Here a little drawing I inked two ways (hand on paper VS. hand on computer).
Changing my drawing tool that drastically is not easy. I try not to let the tool take over my touch and change it a bad way.


About WASTE…well, I worked a lot on the story especially after seeing how much people were expecting from me on that…I made a bunch of different chapter 2 versions. However, I guess I’ll enter the production cycle soon and I hope that tablet helps me going faster and look more finished.

In the coming days I’ll be posting a few character design sketches I made during August, I put some effort in it so the new character looks cool and fits with the scenario.



Hi there,

Adding a new concept for WASTE. I’m trying to get that fat boy right. However I’m still working on making him more chaotic. I want him to look degenerated. So first thing I’ll do is break the symmetry I guess.

So I can’t say more about this character, or I’ll be spoiling my own work :p

This was actually drawn on the computer. It is part of my plan I talked about in the previous news entry. It’s pretty fun, but I drew it all with full black pen so it was not easy. I guess I’ll go for overlapping grays to give it the pencil’s flexibility.

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Thanks !


Since I’ve been receiving a lot of feedback and questions lately about me and WASTE, I updated the FAQ.

Also I’ll give a little word about change that has occured around me and WASTE.

The manga was warmly welcome by readers and I’m glad to see that. I’ll be taking critics into account and I hope people will appreciate the next issue even more.

About release cadence. As you know I work on WASTE alone after working days and aside of coding this site.
So since I got an overbooked planning, I’m trying to get faster by using new tools.

That’s why I’m actually trying to work directly on a Wacom Cintiq…so I can get assistance from the computer.

I won’t talk too much about it for now cause it’s still experimental for me. However here’s a little drawing I made directly on the computer. No paper sketch or anything, just computer.
I feel my graphic identity is correctly transmitted and it feels like I made it by hand so I’m pretty happy.



Here the first page of what is coming next int WASTE (it’s the 15th page of the chapter 1). The other pages should come real soon.

One of the first things that strike you when you begin Manga is the emptiness and unachievement feeling your pages give you. As a matter of fact, finishing touch is crucial to the look and feel of your work and line art alone won’t make it.

Then you realize you’ve always neglected your skills as an assistant by avoiding to do the hard, long and boring stuff. However you realize soon enough that this was one of your biggest mistakes. Finishing touch completely changes the impact your pages have on people.

I’m now learning this the hard way. I’m setting up my techniques while finishing those pages…so it’s quite long and difficult, but I’m happy with today’s result.


Hey there, I thought I’d share this piece of drawing.

This represents my “first boss” in WASTE, this is a big fat guy, that may have been a butcher in the past XD.

His body has been degenerating wildly and so he has an enormous arm thicker and larger than a whole human body while his other arm is still nearly normal !