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Hey guys !

Those who follow me on facebook will certainly think it’s a few days old…well it is but well, better late than never.

Here is what I doodle between 4 and 5 AM (waking up at 8 for work).
It is my very first GIMP try and I’m really happy with that software. Seems just awesome.


I recorded the time lapse so here it is !:



I was thinking about that digital painting stuff during lunch break today but there is no graphic tablet in my agency, so I tried to simulate it with a pencil by drawing very quick shapes not finishing anything.
Then I remembered I got that Pentel GFKP in my pocket for times like this…the whole process took something like 20 minutes. And I’m pretty happy with it.

It’s a line drawing of course, but I my approach was influenced by the digital painting experience I had yesterday…

I tried to give a sense to this creature, further than “it is a monster ! it has to be ugly !”.

So I imagined that it was a flying helium filled creature that would float (like starcraft’s overloards for example). Then I gave it those spiderlike eyes and those tongs as if it hunted birds like chameleon hunts insects…but I wanted it to be fast, like it could be a fierce hunter or a useful mount…so I tried to suggest some flie’s wings but the drawing was nearly done and I couldn’t erase it 🙂

Now you know why I called it Heliumite !



Hey there,
I’ve submitted my senior project now so before preparing the oral exam etc etc…I thought I’d have a little fun.
I’m trying to get into digital painting since now I’m on tablet.
I must say it’s very confusing to me as I never worked without strong line presence…But I think it will get better and better with time.

I’d like to doodle one every couple of days to get into it…so maybe I can inject it in WASTE for backgrounds and color covers etc…

What do you think ?


Chapter 2 should be released in less than 24 hours…I’m upping some time lapses I recorded while drawing the characters.
This takes lots of time, especially when you have lots of records…so if you want to see some specific content in priority, shoot me an email via the contact page !

Hope you’ll enjoy chapter 2 !


Mixed background techniques


I got to submit my senior project soon…so obviously it’s time for me to do anything but to work on it!
I was initially working (hard) on the new manga tengu website. But as you certainly don’t know yet, I’m lunatic.
I take projects (I see them as problems that need to be solved) and work on them until I’m satisfied.

Today I woke up with the urge to solve a specific problem : Now that I have a cintiq (graphic tablet), how will I draw orthographic stuff without feeling constrained ?…Shouldn’t I rely exclusively on photomanipulation ? Ah but no I need to be able to draw anything…blablabla…

So I worked all day trying everything passing through my mind and as everytime, I ended up with a mix of all the methods I explored.
I know manga studio’s rulers look awesome. But when you use autocad everyday (or know how to use a normal plastic ruler 🙂 ) at work…it really doesn’t look that great. I quickly felt bounded and unable to move freely. So I worked on gaining freedom and flexibility…

Now I’m certain I go faster than by hand and I’m pretty happy with the result. However I hope to improve my workflow. Maybe use 3D models. to make certain things, set up good brushes etc…

Now that I “solved” that “problem” and finished page 1. The others should follow soon if my senior project doesn’t take too much time.



This one is fully made on my tablet. No preliminary pencil rough or anything.
I’m really happy with the result, I feel I could do things as good as with my traditional tools. I think I’m gonna make the design of the butcher change a bit more and then it will be good to go.


Still experimenting with graphic tablet…
I guess I’m getting along with it day by day…however, the time I spent on it represents nearly 2 weeks until now…so I guess it’s about time to get efficient.

Here a little drawing I inked two ways (hand on paper VS. hand on computer).
Changing my drawing tool that drastically is not easy. I try not to let the tool take over my touch and change it a bad way.


About WASTE…well, I worked a lot on the story especially after seeing how much people were expecting from me on that…I made a bunch of different chapter 2 versions. However, I guess I’ll enter the production cycle soon and I hope that tablet helps me going faster and look more finished.

In the coming days I’ll be posting a few character design sketches I made during August, I put some effort in it so the new character looks cool and fits with the scenario.