Chapter 9 release, Chapter 10 early, Chapter 11 begining soon…

So here is the issue,
I’ve recently begun publishing on webtoon (since April 24 2017). and it has quickly taken the main place* in my publishing plateforms.
The thing is I publish page by page over there and so I’m still nearly at the end of chapter 4.
But as of tonight, I just finished drawing chapter 10 which goes early access so chapter 9 becomes public and so chapter 11 becomes very early.
However, as of today my community on webtoon is without comparison, the most alive / growing / supportive. So it has absolute priority and I feel like not releasing chapter 9 now and wait for webtoon to catch up with it, which is around november IIRC…

Those are my actual thoughts…

*: I tried webtoon just like a lot of other platforms…and I got surprised when I published my first page I saw a little “6” aside the subscribers logo. First I thought it was as fake as instagram where subscribers come and go. And I thought it was not minored when people left. But I soon realized the number is live and people really read what you publish. It’s not like on facebook which is not meant for comics, people won’t just fetch viral stuff. They will read your comic from the beginning if they are seduced. And that helped building a community around WASTE, which is the nicest I’ve ever had until now.

And here the 2000 subs strip I made for my webtoon subscribers :

WASTE chapter 9 very early access

Hey Readers!
As you may know latest chapter released is chapter 7. However I’m here to announce chapter 9 O__o
As you may know all patrons have access to chapter 8 though.
And badass patrons have access to chapter…9
However please note: chapter 8 is finished and polished. Chapter 9 is not, it is a WIP I update every 24 to 48 hours so you can see all my progress as I work on it from storyboard roughs to finished pages. Some pages may move, disappear or be added. This is especially interesting for people who are interested in writing/drawing their own story.

visit my Patreon page 🙂 for more info/choices !
Cheers !


It’s been something like 3 weeks I begun posting WASTE on webtoon.
The subscribers’ number is growing steadily and it’s really motivating to be able to see it.
I’m posting one page a day since the beginning of WASTE. Since I generally produce one page every 2 days, it should catch up with the latest release soon.
I’d rather have it this way than in one single post, as I’m heading toward continuous release from now on, it’s a good opportunity to experiment that kind of pace.
Here is a strip I made to celebrate 100 subscribers, I shall soon reach 200 and I didn’t think of anything to celebrate it yet ! Btw this is my first color success. By success I mean, not repulsive.

However, as I said, there is a lot of change coming. First and foremost, continuous publication (1 page a day rather than 1 chapter every X).
Also I’ve been able to pace myself, I can do 1 small chapter (10/15 pages) a month in “no-life-after-day-work” mode.
So in fact chapter 8 is finished by now. But I’m not releasing it yet. Why ? Because…Patreon. Here is the idea, I want to give something special for anybody pledging for me on patreon, so I decided it would be a 1 chapter lead. When people get to read chapter 7, any of my patron can read chapter 8, and some of them even can read the Work In Progress of chapter 9…so to be able to launch my patreon correctly I need to have that lead over public release.
Chapter 8 should be released on June 13 if everything goes as during the 3 last months.

For the curious, my patreon is at

WASTE chapter 7 released

This is my fastest release I think, and I find it pretty well balanced.
Yeah I’m complimenting myself ! I went into total isolation this past month to be able to deliver this after all !
This is pretty intense as a cadence (I draw one page every day). To do so I begin the page at lunch break at work, then Finish it at night. Get a little more sleep deprived every day and repeat until…well we’ll see.

About the story, I’m happy too, I feel i delivered some emotion other than BERSEEEERK.
Feel free to give your feedback as always, you’re very welcome !

Chapter 6 v2

Chapter 6 has been redone completely. I was really unhappy with the last version and it was meant to be replaceable. Which is why I allowed it to fork so much compared to chapter 5 (starting point and hunter character are very different).
The new version is available here.
However in this version I went back to the original plot.
I also made a big graphical change. No more line art. This is now digitally painted. There are several reasons / Benefits to it:

-Atmosphere / Lighting / Volumetry / Realism go up
-Background and “secondary tasks” are dealt with in a more personnal / flexible way
-Speed and productivity go up
-Painting is much more adapted to tablets than line art which I must admit killed the fun I had drawing…
-Opens a wide variety of subject matters I felt were out of reach before

Please don’t hesitate to let me know your thought about all this !
Have a good read !

Chara design sheet

That may be my first character design sheet ever.
I was really unhappy with the hunter introduced in chapter 6. He was not like what I had in mind at all (an veteran task force type of guy).
So in the middle of chapter 7 I decided to redo it from scratch. Chapter 6 will be replaced by a new chapter 6.2.
I’ve layered every piece of cloth so I can combine, swap etc…
Let me know what you think of that one.

civil mode
civil mode

Character design sheet for the hunter in WASTE
Character design sheet for the hunter in WASTE