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WASTE Brushes

Still working on those brushes I announced for the next video.
As I’m been working on it (try…and retry), I’m getting a better idea of the look and feel I want for those brushes. So my buildings can be just as pleasant to draw than to look at.
Long story short, I’m getting there.



prochaine vidéo / next video

Language: FR / EN


Le choix du sujet de la prochaine vidéo n’ayant pas été émis par vous les spectateurs, je vais faire une vidéo sur un sujet d’expérimentation qui m’intéresse depuis bien longtemps. J’aimerais faire des brushs spéciaux décors pour faire des bâtiments détruits par centaines rapidement. Je vais donc mettre au point mes brushs et faire une vidéo là dessus.


Since none of you spectators did emit any wish for next video’s topic, I’ll just chose one of my own. One that I’ve been thinking of for a long time. I’d like to make special brushs for backgrounds that would allow me to paint hundreds of destroyed buildings fast. I shall set those brushes up and make a video about it.

Going on

Hey there,

Things are going back on track so I thought I’d try to get more talkative about what I’m doing.

I’d like to make a Vlog about the making of WASTE since it’s where most of the fun is for me as the author, but I gotta think about it not to spoil too much or always record the same routines…

I’ll be thinking it over.

Chapter 3 revision

Chapter 3 is taking more and more time.
I’m facing story telling issues and I’m having a really hard time progressing because of that. So in the end I decided to rework it.

I know it’s been very long that chapter should have been out, and people won’t be satisfied by some standard length and content. But if I put everything I wanted to put in that chapter it will just take forever to be done…

The nearly finished pages shown until now have been taken off.  They might be re-injected later…it will depend on how quick I can get things done…


I finally did it. What a pain it was…but now everything works just fine !

-Now comments are open again I’m using disqus so you can comment with your cherished social network account, get replies, follow people, vote etc…
-The manga reader works correctly (but still needs some serious CSS to be less…horrible)
-Social network buttons are everywhere
-Responsive theme…
-Old posts have been input (manually and painfully)

I finally got a functional website ! (which I was looking for since 8 years)

Now let’s do some manga stuff…


I’m very pleased announce WASTE is going Spanish thanks to Merrick who volunteered to do a very nice Spanish translation of WASTE. Now your Spanish talking friends have no more excuses not to read it here :


Or here 🙂


If you happen to want to translate WASTE to your own language, you can contact me to get cleaned pages !

Back to work


Today I began inking WASTE chapter 3. I have been pretty busy the past couple of months. I wasn’t expecting it and it’s far from finished…It’s funny how there’s always something in my way when it comes to manga.

However, today I put everything aside to begin inking chapter 3. This is the very first panel which is the most difficult, unusual and time consuming task when I begin inking a chapter…so I need to be mentally prepared before I do it, and to be honest, I can kill more time turning around the task than doing it…

The good thing is, when this is done, then all the rest comes by itself. It even becomes difficult to me to stop. So I believe I can finish this chapter before December…

However, I’m still taken by a lot of projects at the same time and I can’t garante anything. I’m sorry for those who wait for me and support my work. Hopefully I can soon dedicate myself more to manga.