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A little word to say I’m not dead 🙂

I’m developing my new website with Symfony. for those who know about programming they won’t wonder it’s taking some time since I’m new to OOP and frameworks.

However, things are progressing and I keep hope of getting the basic site released soon (a site with categories and a correct reader).

Then I hope to implement extras for each page where people can see my drafts and video records etc…
I also intend to add multilingual display, like and g+ stuff…

Lots of things. However I’ll be covering the basic stuff as quick as possible, then the rest will come while I draw WASTE, which I completely abandoned in dust those past 2 months…I hope readers understand !

Thanks !


I’ve been talking about a new version of the site since I’ve finished this one. The two weeks I thought it would take are transforming into 2+ months…

Chapter 2 was supposed to be finished by now, but I had a setback…and I’m not working on WASTE these days because of coding.
I know my main activity (aside from work……….) is supposed to be manga. But I really need a robust website and I’ve had enough of half done solutions. So I put manga on pause since a while now and until I have the website I desire.

Good thing in the end is that before I was talking about learning OOP and Symfony as if I might fail (Originally I’m no developper (but I kinda became one), this is complicated stuff for common people like me). However Now I’m nearly done, so things are much more certain than before.

The new version of the website will certainly come in 2 parts :
-In February would come a new php website with all the functionalities a website should provide
-In Marsh/April would come some cool appearance, a new manga reader and all the cool stuff…

However, I think as soon as the first part is launched, I’ll part time between manga and coding to limit the huge damage I’m doing to my schedule 😡


Two main news :-Chapter 2 is comming soon
-New video stuffYeah it is coming…chapter 2 !!!
I’m ashamed to say that even if I took 6 other months to get it out…it’s only 21 pages !
As a matter of fact I made the deepest changes in my working tools choice and experimented a lot before going for chapter 2. It will be my first fully digital release. Also I have to admit I lost lots of time lazing around with the story board….
By the way in January it will have been 1 year I begun working on WASTE.

About video stuff, well since I went for digital media, it has become way easier to take higher quality and clearer videos…so I filmed myself while drawing 14 of the chapter 2 pages. I’ll be putting all this on youtube (my name on youtube is MangaTengu). I expect from now on to film each and every page…that will be fun.

I’m actually working a bit on the main script of WASTE to give it some consistency…trying a funny method to try and get complex plots without getting lost.

As usual, comments are closed for spamming reasons. But you can shoot me a mail, it’s always my pleasure to answer.


 logo_kingsize_noir logo_kingsize_blanc

Actually paused my drawing for the two coming weeks to work on a new version of
As a matter of fact the website is unfinished and needs a lot of improvement, so since I’m programming it myself and I’m a beginner in programming, I’m still learning the fundamentals of OOP. I hope to then be able to customize a wordpress script or to go for a framework like symfony.

If you have suggestions or anything you’re welcome to write it down in the contact page 🙂

By the way, here are two mini logos I made quickly for the new site.



Hi there ! For those who doubt about me being alive, know that chapter 2 of WASTE is coming. Nearly half of the characters have been inked so there is still a lot to do, but it’s definitely on it’s way.

I’m actually recording myself inking, then I’ll youtube all that day after day once the chapter 2 is out to avoid spoilers.

it’s been a long time since I wrote anything here. To be honest it’s because it’s a pain to write in my handmade blog…

I’ll be re codding it OR switching to some ready made wordpress with more features like secured comments and blabla…

That’s all guys !


Since I’ve been receiving a lot of feedback and questions lately about me and WASTE, I updated the FAQ.

Also I’ll give a little word about change that has occured around me and WASTE.

The manga was warmly welcome by readers and I’m glad to see that. I’ll be taking critics into account and I hope people will appreciate the next issue even more.

About release cadence. As you know I work on WASTE alone after working days and aside of coding this site.
So since I got an overbooked planning, I’m trying to get faster by using new tools.

That’s why I’m actually trying to work directly on a Wacom Cintiq…so I can get assistance from the computer.

I won’t talk too much about it for now cause it’s still experimental for me. However here’s a little drawing I made directly on the computer. No paper sketch or anything, just computer.
I feel my graphic identity is correctly transmitted and it feels like I made it by hand so I’m pretty happy.